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Connecting local businesses with people in their community that are seeking their services and products.

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The reason people want a website is to be found online. Without SEO that is just not going to happen.

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Franchise Marketing


Franchise SEO involves techniques that create leverage for both the franchisor and franchisee.

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Mobile search queries have local intent and mobile users rely on GPS to find the nearest locations.

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Nominated for "Most Innovative Marketing Campaign and Concept 2014".

Recently nominated again 2015!


Trying to some up what we do in a short mission statement doesn't really cut it, but we do have one on our About Us page.

So, here is what we do, what we're super good at, and why business owners hire us.

We are all about "local businesses".  That's where our heart is.  Our drive and our passion is to do our best to help local business owners be succesful.

How we express this

First, we see you!

We see you as a business owner with a desire to provide, build, make a lot of money, make a difference, be successful....

We see your vision for your business.  We see where it is, what it looks like, what it can look like....

Second, we give!

We give it all we got!  We are not trying to hoard "top secret marketing ideas".

We want to stir up the vision that's in you by sharing creative thoughts and strategic ideas on how to make your brand even more effective.

Here is what we are super skilled at

Developing your Philiosphical Statement to laying down an effective brand/marketing foundation.

Getting your business on first page of Google search results to connecting you with customers online and offline.

Connecting your online marketing efforts with your offline marketing efforts to create leverage.

Developing a perfect website that is the bridge between your brand and the customer, fully optimized and mobile.

Developing effective marketing campaigns.


So here it is summed up in a sentence....

LOCAL MARKETING SUITE is a "local business marketing" company that specializes in the success of local business owners. 

We perform Local SEO and National SEO for a single business, multi-location businesses and franchises

Our #1 goal is to make your business successful!


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