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Connecting local businesses with people in their community that are seeking their services and products.

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The reason people want a website is to be found online. Without SEO that is just not going to happen.

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Franchise Marketing


Franchise SEO involves techniques that create leverage for both the franchisor and franchisee.

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Mobile search queries have local intent and mobile users rely on GPS to find the nearest locations.

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Nominated for "Most Innovative Marketing Campaign and Concept 2014".

LOCAL MARKETING SUITE is an internet marketing company that specializes in local business marketing.  Our focus is connecting local businesses with customers through multiple channels online.  We do local and national SEO.

We make it our business to understand the path your audience takes while finding their way to you. 

In the past people would simply find a local business or restaurant and call or go there.  This has drastically changed!

Today people may begin their path by seeking for a local service, restaurant or product by searching in Google, using their phone, talking instead of typing.  Then, read a couple reviews, look at a video or pictures.  They may compare prices and competitors on their tablet or desktop during work hours.

We see all these touch points as opportunities for customer connectivity and each touch point as a chance to expose your brand and make a connection with your audience.  This also solidifies their final decision.

We understand that for business owners the bottom line is acquiring new customers, while communicating their brand.

We are continually asked by business owners "Can you connect me with people searching for my type of services?"

Our response goes something like this...

We discovered there are a total of 900 monthly searches for your targeted search phrases in your area coming from multiple online platforms.  We will connect you with this audience by getting your business in search results on multiple platforms like Google, YouTube, Open Spoon, Trip Advisor and Facebook.  We will connect you with them throughout their process.  No matter where people are looking or what platform they are using, we will get you connected with your audience.  Is this something you want?

The answer is always a resounding, "yes".

We believe your response will be the same.

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