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Pinot's Palette


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Franchise Marketing Case Study:

“We couldn’t believe they had us showing on the first page of Google before our grand opening. The quality of SEO that Local Marketing Suite does is outstanding.“

This success story demonstrates two elements of our suite of services:

1) Our ability to bring a brand new local franchise store from grand opening to having a dominating online presence.

2) How we bring about consistent franchise branding across all online channels, while keeping in line with corporate marketing policies.

The Company

Pinot’s Palette is a fast growing nationally recognized franchise in the paint and wine industry with over 150 locations. Pinot’s Palette opened its first San Diego location. This is the store we are referencing in this success story.

The Challenge

When Pinot’s Palette San Diego approached Local Marketing Suite to handle the SEO and online marketing the store was not even open yet, therefore had no online presence. There were already ten competitors in the area and three of them had very strong online presence and appeared at the top of search results on the first page of Google. The franchise web page supplied by corporate had little SEO and greatly lacked keyword-rich content.

Pinot’s Palette San Diego had four objectives they wanted us to accomplish.

First, they were a month away from opening and were very much in a hurry to have some online presence for their grand opening.

Second, they wanted us to improve their web page, while staying within the corporate guidelines and working with technical limitations.

Third, they wanted us to build out all of their online elements, including Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Google while keeping the Pinot’s Palette brand consistent.

Fourth, they wanted to dominate the paint and wine industry in San Diego and appear first on Google search results.

The Solutoin

Our first desire was to understand the corporate marketing guidelines and have a real understanding of the Pinot’s Palette brand, along with understanding their web page technical limitations.

We rebuilt their corporate San Diego web page, adding new localized content and visuals, including a video. We were limited to only being able to perform on page SEO, because access was not given to the corporate website panel.

We also built out all of their online elements, including Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Google, while keeping a consistent brand message and look. We did a video shoot at a per-launch, edited the video and added it to their webpage all before their grand opening. Every step was approved by corporate.

We implemented our proprietary Web 3.0 franchise marketing strategies and connected all the online elements.

The Results

Online presence was established within the thirty day deadline of their grand opening. Analytics showed 225 web page visits from the time the web page was live to the day of the grand opening. The video on their web page was viewed 51 times prior to the grand opening.

Their Google Local Business listing was already appearing on the first page of search results for three of their search phrases prior to the grand opening. The Pinot’s Palette branding was consistent across all channels and had corporate approval.

The owners of Pinot’s Palette San Diego considered this a very successful grand opening and were amazed we were able to pull it off.

Within three months Pinot’s Palette San Diego was showing “first” in Google search results for five search phrases, beating out their competitors that had established online presence prior to them coming to San Diego.

When Julie and I initially hired Local Marketing Suite about doing our online marketing we were on a tight schedule for our grand opening and pretty much didn’t think we would have any online presence at the time of our grand opening. We had less the thirty days from the time we hired Local Marketing Suite.

We laid a lot at their feet, including technical and corporate challenges. I knew we were asking a lot from Local Marketing Suite in such a short period of time, but in our initial meeting, they really listened to our desires and concerns and reassured us this was all doable. We left that meeting with Local Marketing Suite feeling optimistic. They told us “We will handle all the online marketing stuff. Don’t worry about it. You just concentrate on the grand opening”.

One of the factors I really appreciate is that Local Marketing Suite kept us continually updated with the work and results they were performing up to our grand opening.
We were really amazed at the work Local Marketing Suite performed and the fact that they did every single thing they said they would do. We couldn’t believe they had us showing on the first page of Google before our grand opening. The quality of SEO that Local Marketing Suite does is outstanding. Since the grand opening Local Marketing Suite has done so much more for us, including giving us great marketing consultation.

I told Local Marketing Suite my top long term objective that I wanted ASAP was to beat out my competitors online here in San Diego. Four months later, we were showing on the first page of Google above all our competitors for over four keywords. We were even showing on the first page of Google when five of our competitors were searched “by name”! This was no accident. Local Marketing Suite laid down a strategy for this.
Local Marketing Suite really understands how to work with franchises. They are very professional and very skilled. I highly recommend them.