SEO Case Study: Indoor Play


Uptown Jungle Fun Park


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Franchise Marketing Case Study:

“After six months Uptown Jungle was dominating the first page of Google….Our competitor approached us for fear of being put out of business because we had taken so many of their customers.”

This case study demonstrates two elements of our suite of services:

1) Demonstrates our primary mission to create a dominating online presence for our clients and in this case shows our ability to bring each new local store from their opening to having a dominating online presence and beating out their local competitors.

2) Demonstrates how we bring about consistent franchise branding and goals across all locations and online channels.

The Company

Uptown Jungle Fun Park (Urban Jungle- prior name) is a fast growing multi-location family entertainment company that builds huge state of the art indoor play centers for kids. UJFP has opened five locations in three years and has plans to open many more.

The Challenge

When UJFP approached Local Marketing Suite they only had one location and hired us to perform SEO on this location.  The website had some basic SEO and there was no significant online presence.  When UJFP opened there were already competitors in the area and all of them had very strong online presence and appeared at the top of search results.  We knew this would be a strong uphill battle because of the competition.

UJFP had three primary goals and wanted to see measurable results.

First, they wanted their website cleaned up.  Although it looked good, it had some technical problems, wasn’t built well and didn’t have good Search Engine Optimization. (We eventually built them a new one)

Second, they wanted to dominate their industry in San Diego and appear at the top of the first page on Google search results. They wanted visual and measurable results.

Third, they primarily wanted to increase sales for their “birthday parties”.  They wanted to experience real ROI in this sector and see a significant increase in sales. At this time there was no traffic directly to their birthday parties page.

The Solutoin

Our first desire was to understand the Uptown Jungle brand, audience and marketing goals.

We corrected all the technical issues with the website, performed on-site optimization and optimized the website for mobile search. We especially concentrated on the “Birthday Parties” page, restructuring the page hierarchy and adding new keyword-rich content. Once this was completed we began the off-site optimization.

We SEO’d all of their online elements, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Google, while keeping a consistent brand message and look.  Then we launched a content campaign primarily targeting birthday parties and driving traffic back to the “Birthday Parties” page.

We implemented our proprietary Web 3.0 franchise marketing strategies and connected all the online elements in order to create leverage for the Uptown Jungle brand.

Since the original work on the San Diego location, we have handled the opening of four other Uptown Jungle locations and developed an entirely new Uptown Jungle multi-location website that is user friendly for those that need to get in and make edits. It’s especially mobile optimized and build for easy scaling.

The Results

Within three months the Uptown Jungle San Diego location was showing at the top of the first page of Google search results for their top five search phrases, beating out competitors that had established online presence prior to them. Within six months Uptown Jungle experienced a 298% increase of traffic to the website and 227% increase of traffic to the “Birthday Parties” page, which lead to birthday parties being booked up two months in advance. They also experienced 625% increase in actions taken by searchers on Google Maps Listing.

When the second Uptown Jungle in Mesa, AZ opened there was already a competitor dominating search results and taking up most of the first page of Google. By the sixth month Uptown Jungle was taking up most of the first page of Google search results and was showing first. The CEO of Uptown Jungle reported to us that we nearly put the main competitor out of business because our SEO results were so dominating.

The Uptown Jungle brand is growing fast and being recognized in their industry. Their brand new multi-location website has been built and will accommodate many more location pages with no problem.


When I approached Local Marketing Suite we had one Uptown Jungle location open and our SEO efforts were not producing the results we wanted, after one year. Our competitors were still taking top ranking on Google and we were not even showing on the first page for any of our keywords. Although we liked our website it was not suitable for the growth path our organization was on and after hiring Local Marketing Suite we realized all the technical issues the site had.
The initial meeting with Ed, president at Local Marketing Suite, and my team went well. Ed listened to our concerns and long term goals and answered all of our questions without missing a beat. He offered good insight and came across as an expert in his field. I felt he was sincere and demonstrated confidence in the SEO industry. The proposal that Ed presented was very detailed, outlining the assessment discovery, work they would be performing and a timeline.
Within two months of hiring Local Marketing Suite we began showing on the first page of Google. After three months, we were showing at the top of the page and showing multiple times. By the fourth month we were booking birthday parties two weeks in advance. One of the goals we wanted Local Marketing Suite to deliver was more traffic to our Birthday Parties page.
Six months in of hiring Local Marketing Suite we experienced a 298% increase in overall website traffic, 327% increase to the Birthday Parties page and 625% increase to our Google business listing. Customers are calling and getting directions directly from our Google business listing. Since hiring Local Marketing Suite our revenue has more than tripled.
A year after opening our first location, we opened our second Uptown Jungle in Mesa, Arizona. At the time we opened there was one competitor that was dominating the first page of Google and online presence. Within two months Local Marketing Suite had our location showing on the first page of search results and after six months Uptown Jungle was dominating the first page of Google. Our competitor approached us for fear of being put out of business because we had taken so many of their customers. Our revenue from this location has gone beyond my expectations.
We also hired Local Marketing Suite to build us a brand new multi-location website that would be scalable and mobile optimized. One that would demonstrate our brand and that would be able to handle everything we wanted on it along with the multiple locations we would be opening. Needless to say, Local Marketing Suite developed a fantastic site for us, primarily optimized for mobile.
We have just opened our third location and have plans to open many more. Local Marketing Suite will be right there with us. We have complete confidence in their ability to do the SEO and handle the online marketing needs for our organization.
The #1 factor in which Local Marketing Suite adds value to Uptown Jungle Fun Park organization is “RESULTS”. Results that translate into revenue.