Here's a Little
About Us
We would like the chance to get to know you as well
This is what we do, what we’re really good at, why we do it and why business owners hire us

Local Marketing Suite, Inc is an Internet Marketing company that specializes in Local Business Marketing. We are Search Engine Marketing & SEO Experts and work with small businesses and franchises across the country.

Our Suite of Services include:  Local and National SEM (Search Engine Marketing) & SEO (Search Engine Optimization);  Franchise/Multi-Location MarketingWebsite Development; Advertising;  Brand Development;  Social Media Marketing;  Graphic Design; Text Marketing;  Online/Offline Marketing Integration and more.

We have the skill set to take a business from conception to online domination. No kidding!

We are all about “local businesses”.  That’s where our heart is.  Our drive and our passion are to do our best to help local business owners be successful.

How we express this…

First, we get you!

We understand business owners. We see you as a person with a desire to provide, build, make a lot of money, kick-ass, make a difference, be successful….

We see your vision for your business. We see where it is, what it looks like now, what it can look like….

Second, we give to you!

We give you all we got!  We are not trying to keep “top secret marketing ideas” to ourselves. We share a lot with you.

We want to stir up the vision that’s in you by sharing creative thoughts and strategic ideas on how to make your brand even more effective.

We Want To Win For You!

Our Niche:

We specialize in “local business marketing”.

Our Mission:

We are a team of happy people that are highly skilled and we provide a suite of essential marketing services and consultation to local business owners so that they might have greater success.

Our Value:

We connect our clients with their audience, everywhere they’re looking, no matter what platform they’re using or where they are in their shopping journey.

Our Game Plan

Our approach to what we do for our clients is like that of a professional sports team. It’s about success. It’s about winning. It’s about beating the competition and taking top spot.

We do not sell package A, B or C. We develop a unique strategy to beat the competition. Our desire is the prosperity of our client and all we do is built around bringing our client success.

We do not practice “one size fits all” “one price fits all” service. Internet marketing is not an exact science and never will be, because the internet and the people that use it are constantly changing.

We understand that each company is unique in itself and because of this a different marketing strategy must be developed for each client. Once we clearly understand what it is that our client wants to accomplish we design the best marketing strategy.

We utilize online and offline marketing strategies.

Leading Heads

We are a team of happy people that are highly skilled and we provide a suite of essential marketing services and consultation to local business owners so that they might have greater success.


Eddie has over 25 years experience in leadership and marketing.  After leaving the real estate industry Eddie decided to start Local Marketing Suite, but before launching he hired one of the top SEO’s in the country and spent a year under his tutelage. Eddie is a high level SEO and visionary leader. He has a passion for helping local business owners. More about him SD Voyager Magazine.

Web/Technology Lead

Gabriel is our Technology Director and is in charge of all things technical, web design, code, and creative programming. He has over 10 years experience of online technology solutions and  is well versed in eCommerce solutions. He is certified in  MCLABS UI and UX frame work with a delivery of easy usability for high user traffic as well high conversion return. Gabriel’s skill set is off the chart!

Operations Lead

Jacqueline has over 15 years of company operations experience working with a variety of companies. She has an extensive understanding of the needs and solutions of running a business smoothly and effectively, while making people happy.  She is highly skilled in creating office culture that leads to higher productivity….she makes it fun to come to work.

Creative & Media Lead

Sonrisa has over 7 years of creative solutions, social media marketing, digital marketing and branding development. She leads the creative direction for marketing and branding strategies. Sonrisa has the distinct ability to understand what the client wants and needs, then create a unique look, feel and message specific to that client. It’s amazing what she comes up with!

Search Marketing Lead

Erica is our Lead Search Marketing Strategist and has four years experience in high level SEM/SEO. Her niche is SEM/SEO for local businesses and has extensive insight into developing unique winning strategies for each of our clients. Erica is both technical and creative, which is an unusual combination, but makes her so good at what she does. She beats out our client competitor SEO’s!

Office Culture Liaison

Chancho is our Office Culture Liaison. Don’t call him the office mascot, he’s more than that. He has three years experience in cheering up people. He’s in charge of decreasing stress and increasing feelings of joy. He is also in charge of security, although we didn’t ask for it. He protects the office from intruders, although he is only 9 inches tall and 8 pounds….and he is a superhero.

If you just want a “marketing package” we’re not for you. If you want to win….