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Our Local Marketing Superheroes…

handle all things marketing

Online marketing is an art.  It’s not all technical work.  To be a “Marketing Guru” one must have marketing “sense”.  One must be able to create and not simply copy.  Our Marketing Guru’s create original, relevant and effective marketing strategies tailored for each client.  The bottom line, they make our clients known and profitable!

handle all things SEO

Our high level SEO Experts know what is happening in the world of search engine optimization and anticipate the changes that are coming.  They are monitoring stats and tracking trends.  They know how people are using the online elements.  If it’s happening on the Web our SEO Experts know about it!

handle all things technology

Our Technical Geeks build it, make it work, and fix it quickly when it breaks.  Technology is continually changing and in this industry if we miss these changes we will be trekking from behind while our competitors advance.  Our Technical Geeks have many late nights and early mornings.  Thank God for coffee!

handle all things infrastructure

It’s a challenge to maintain the happiness of both employees and clients, but it’s our goal at LMS to do both effectively, as it is written in our company core values.  We believe if it runs smoothly here then it runs smoothly for our clients.  Our Excellent Executive’s believe in excellence and they make everything run like a computer without bugs!

This is Chancho, our office mascot. He’s a superhero too.

This is what we do, what we’re really good at, why we do it and why business owners hire us

Local Marketing Suite, Inc is a SEO & Digital Marketing company that specializes in Local Business Marketing. We are SEO experts and work with small businesses across the country.

Our Suite of Services include:  Local and National SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & SEM (Search Engine Marketing);  Franchise/Multi-Location Marketing;  Website Development;  Paid Advertising;  Brand Development;  Social Media Marketing;  Text Marketing;  Online/Offline Marketing Integration and more.

We have the skill set to take a business from conception to online domination. No kidding!

We are all about “local businesses”.  That’s where our heart is.  Our drive and our passion are to do our best to help local business owners be successful.


How we express this…

First, we get you!

We see you as a business owner with a desire to provide, build, make a lot of money, kick-ass, make a difference, be successful….

We see your vision for your business. We see where it is, what it looks like, what it can look like….

Second, we give to you!

We give you all we have!  We are not trying to keep “top secret marketing ideas” to ourselves.

We want to stir up the vision that’s in you by sharing creative thoughts and strategic ideas on how to make your brand even more effective.

Here is what we are really skilled at…

  • Using the best strategies to acquire the best customers!
  • Creating a dominating digital presence!
  • Developing your Philosophical Statement to laying down an effective brand foundation.
  • Creating effective marketing campaigns to getting your business on first page of Google organic search results.
  • Designing the perfect website for your business to creating social connections with your target audience.
  • Connecting your online marketing efforts with your offline marketing efforts to create leverage.


We specialize in “local business marketing”.


We are a team of happy people that are highly skilled and we provide a suite of essential marketing services and consultation to local business owners so that they might have greater success.


We connect our clients with their audience, everywhere they’re looking, no matter what platform they’re using or where they are in their shopping journey.

Our Game Plan

Our approach to what we do for our clients is like that of a professional sports team.  It’s about success.  It’s about winning.  It’s about beating the competition and taking top spot.

We do not sell package A, B or C.  We develop a unique strategy to beat the competition.  Our desire is the prosperity of our client and all we do is built around bringing our client success.

We do not practice “one size fits all” “one price fits all” service.  Internet marketing is not an exact science and never will be, because the internet and the people that use it are constantly changing.

We understand that each company is unique in itself and because of this a different marketing strategy must be developed for each client.  Once we clearly understand what it is that our client wants to accomplish we design the best marketing strategy.

We utilize online and offline marketing strategies.