Franchise/Multi-Location Marketing

3 Factors In Our Winning Franchise/Multi-Location Marketing Methodology

Consistent Brand Messaging

One of the biggest challenges that franchisors and multi-location brands run into is keeping the brand consistent in all stores and across all marketing channels.

49% of franchisees are not required to follow specific corporate recommendations on marketing strategy.

30% of cases, the edict that franchisees receive is to select from a list of vendors or a menu of options recommended by corporate.

At Local Marketing Suite, we understand branding is more than the logo, colors and tagline.  Branding includes the company image and company culture they are trying to convey.  Local Marketing Suite works with the corporate office to ensure this is being accomplished.

We keep brand consistency a high priority in both the online marketing and offline marketing elements.  Whether it is design for print or design for the web, we make sure all elements match.  We make sure the corporate site and each individual local site have a consistent design and message.

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Superior Local Marketing

At Local Marketing Suite, our local marketing methodology has a proven track record.  Our local marketing methodology is summed up in four winning steps:

Get you found online

We make sure the local store is showing on the first page results of Search, Social, Content, Ads, Directories, Platforms and more.  We target those channels pertaining to their audience.

Keep you in front of your audience

We do the research to discover who your audience is, what devices they are using, how they are searching, and when they are searching.  Once we have this information, we set up marketing strategies around that information.

Convert your audience into buyers

We make sure the local store stands out from competitors in a way that captures the attention of their audience.  This has to do with the way the online element looks, the words being used, ads and reviews.  All this is done to give the incentive that makes their audience want to connect with the local store.

Convert your buyers into loyal customers

At Local Marketing Suite, we refer to this element as “Customer Connectivity”.  Customer loyalty programs can be very effective when they are created and managed correctly. There is more to it than putting a tent card on the table for customers to see.  We include email, text, and social elements to stay connected with your customers in real time.  We also use various in-store marketing tactics to get the customers to take action while they are there.


Local Marketing Suite helps create marketing cohesion for the franchise organization by facilitating connectivity with local stores.

We achieve this through the following six factors.

Franchise/Multi-Location SEO

Franchise/multi-location SEO has to be performed differently than SEO for individual companies.  Performing SEO for franchise/multi-location organizations involves SEO techniques that create leverage for both the organization and local store.

Goal Setting

Local Marketing Suite makes sure local marketing strategy is aligned with organizational marketing goals.  The organization can use the same marketing system to set up and manage the organizational marketing goals for each local store.

Reputation Management

We provide the ability for the franchise/multi-location organization to monitor the social reputation of each individual location.  We also provide review repair for negative content written about individual franchise locations.

Customer Connectivity

At Local Marketing Suite, we set up local stores with the necessary tools to interact locally with their audiences through social media channels.  The franchisor can monitor social activity of each franchise store.  This is very effective for the franchisor to keep their finger on the pulse of each franchise location.

Promotional Push

Local Marketing Suite provides the ability for the franchisor to push promotions, coupons, and announcements through all the franchise locations.  This creates leverage for the franchisor and franchisee alike.

Analytics Reporting

We include analytics reporting for each store location.  The franchise/multi-location organization can measure marketing results for each location.  Each store receives a monthly report that breaks down various metrics.  Metrics can be customized to choose from hundreds of variables.

We Get You First Page

We guarantee “first page” placement on Google Local Listing (map) in organic local search results.

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