Website Optimization

Making Your Website Findable

Having a beautiful website without it being search engine optimized is like having a Ferrari with no engine.

Before your website can be found by online searchers it has to be found by search engines.  Without a search engine optimized website that is just not going to happen.

The majority of websites are built for visual appeal, but to search engines they are empty, lacking the information search engines need and as a result they are simply overlooked by search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on a website means modifying a website for maximum effectiveness and efficiency, so it can be found by search engines.  SEO is very technical work. The better the work, the more search engines favor it.

Optimizing A Website

Some important elements that go into optimizing a website include correcting poorly written code, creating site architecture, adding meta data, adding content and link development.

The more skilled the SEO expert the more effective the website and the higher the ranking will be acquired in search engines.

Even when a website has been search engine optimized  it does not guarantee it will appear in the first page of search results.  Many times the competition is strong and SEM/SEO has to be performed to acquire first page presence.

We approach web development from both a technical and marketing aspect and as a result, both search engines and people prefer the websites we develop.