Review Repair

The New “Word of Mouth” Is Reviews

Word of mouth now comes in the form of online reviews and social sharing.

Managing your online presence includes managing your online reputation as well.  Maintaining a positive brand online is something a business must be proactive about.  Any business online is vulnerable to negative press whether it is from a disgruntled customer or a competitor using negative press tactics.

Disgruntled Customers

Having a disgruntled customer is nothing new if you have been in business long because you eventually discover that you can’t make everybody happy no matter how hard you try.  The problem in this day and time is that those disgruntled customers now have somewhere to vent, they vent online.

Word of mouth now comes in the form of online reviews and review repair is an essential part of managing your online business presence.

Negative Press From Competitors

Negative press from competitors is becoming more common primarily because it is so easy to write negative reviews online.  If this is the case, we employ “counter strategies” to combat negative press coming from competitors.  We do not write negative reviews. Instead, we write positive press that suppresses the negative press.

Reviews In Search Results

If bad reviews were simply buried somewhere there would be no worry about their affect on a business, but that’s not the case.  The opposite is true.  Search engines like Google feature reviews in search results and show snippets of the reviews.

Not only that, but with the rise of social media, bad news about a company travels fast and search engines are beginning to pull in results from social media.

3 Reasons Bad Reviews Affect The Bottom Line

Bad Reviews Will Hurt Your Brand and Your Bottom Line.

Here’s why…

First, whenever your company shows in search engine results the search engines will include all reviews about your company.  What is even worse is one bad review written in one directory will be pulled in by other directories that share reviews.

For example, a bad review may have been written in, but Yahoo will show that review on their search results.  The result, one bad review is multiplied.

Second, statistics show that online reviews greatly affect the decision making of online consumers when considering a service or product.  All it takes is one bad review to send potential online customers running to your competitor.

Third, you can’t remove the bad reviews about your company.  The only person that can remove the bad review is the one who wrote it.

Our Solution For Bad Reviews

We clean up the inaccurate, misleading negative press by suppressing it and pushing it down to the back pages.

We use various online techniques to suppress the negative content about your business while promoting positive content about your business.

For more serious situations, we will contact Google and use legal channels to have the negative press removed completely.

We will also set up an alert system to notify you whenever there is a comment made about your company online.