SEO Case Study: Cryotherapy

Cryo Warehouse
Work Completed
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Local Business SEO Case Study:

The improvements, not only with website traffic, but the marketing ideas that Ed and his team come up with have really jump started our business and helping to finally get our startup business off the ground !!!


This case study demonstrates two elements of our suite of services:

1) Our primary mission to create a dominating online presence for our clients and in this case shows our ability to bring a local business with no Google first page presence to having a dominating presence.

2) Our creative and analytical skill set in bringing about complete brand clarity and audience discovery in one brain storming meeting.

The Company

The Cryo Warehouse is a fairly new cryotherapy business in an industry that is growing but not well known, cryotherapy.

The Challenge

When Cryo Warehouse hired Local Marketing Suite they had only been opened for a few months and had very little online presence. They had not put much in to their internet marketing. They wanted us to get them on the first page of Google Maps as well as organic search results.

Cryo Warehouse also wanted to work on brand development to set them aside from other cryotherapy businesses and to discover their audience for this new market.

The Solution

Our first desire was to understand this fairly new and growing industry so our marketing team at Local Marketing Suite had a one day branding brainstorming meeting. What we came out with was a very clear understanding of this industry and it’s audience. The audience was broken up in to four groups with each having there own unique audience, slogans and keywords.

We then moved on to SEO, beginning with correcting some technical issues with the website, performed on-site optimization and optimized the website for mobile search. Once this was completed we began the off-site optimization.

We SEO’d all of their online elements, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google and citations, while keeping a consistent brand message and look. We also SEO’s there YouTube channel and videos.

Since originally hiring Local Marketing Suite, Cryo Warehouse also hired us to build out an eCommerce page and migrate 2 websites to new hosting provider.

The Results

Within two months Cryo Warehouse was showing at the top of the first page of Google search results in Google Maps and organic listings. Within six months they were completely dominating the first page of Google search results, taking up six spots, including their videos showing.

Cryo Warehouse experienced a 283% increase of website traffic and 435% increase in actions taken on Google Maps Listing. Their YouTube videos were now driving traffic to their website.

Cryo Warehouse ran with all that had come out of our brainstorming meeting. They are now designing all marketing to target their audience and have implemented the slogans we cam up with for them.