Local Marketing

Local Business Marketing

We understand that the local “village” is where people buy and sell. It’s always been this way.  It’s with the local businesses that most commerce takes place.

Connecting local businesses with people in their community is our focus.  To do this, we use various elements and strategies.

Customers may call one of our clients because they found them by doing a localized Google search on their phone. They may call our client because of an ad in Facebook or because of a review found in Yelp. They may have received a coupon by text message or an email discount.

Our goal is to come up with the best strategy that suits the goals of each client. This may include optimizing their website, building a new website, SEO, Social Channels, or paid advertising. It may include brand development and research to find out who and where their customers are.

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Local SEO

As the internet became more popular, the term “global village” became more widely used to describe how quickly people could connect across the globe.  For marketers, this was met with excitement and meant the opportunity to market services and products nationally and internationally.  SEO was thought of on a global scale.

When Local Marketing Suite was founded we saw ahead and knew the focus would come back to the local businesses.  We new Local SEO would eventually become the main focus, and it has.

Google has completely changed their focus to localization and their flagship “Google Maps” is consistently being updated to make it better than before. Now their focus has become more pinpointed to Local Mobile Optimization.

Local Mobile Marketing

There are more search queries taking place on mobile phones than any other device. 

April 21, 2015, was the launch date for the Google Mobile Algorithm Update. Google made it known that they would prefer mobile optimized websites in their search results.

What does this mean? It means if you do not have a website that is mobile optimized or responsive, you will not show in search results performed on mobile devices.

Local Mobile Marketing is increasingly more important for local businesses.

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SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile)

Local search has become a mobile driven experience with a social dynamic.  Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest are now localized and offer geo targeted ads.


By 2017, the global social network audience will total 2.55 billion.

There are currently thirty social sites that have over one million users.  Facebook alone has over one billion users.

The top three global social platforms at this time are Facebook, YouTube, Google +, and Twitter.

Active usage of the major, global social platforms is growing worldwide with mobile being the key driver.



Of Facebook’s 1.2 billion users, 95 percent log into their account every day.

Approximately 945 million are “mobile only” Facebook users.

Facebook has its own search engine.

Facebook also has “Nearby Places” for mobile phones and functions like the Google Maps with geo targeted searches.

Nearby Places is now the second most used mobile app for local search.

Facebook offers geo targeted search and geo targeted ads.


YouTube is the second most used search engine.

More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month.

There are over a billion videos watched a day.

50% of videos are watched on mobile devices.

YouTube offers geo targeted search and geo targeted ads.


Google has connected Google +, Google Local Business Listings, Google Pay Per Click, YouTube and other Google products and Google offers geo targeted search and geo targeted ads.

When Google products are used strategically it creates marketing leverage.

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