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A Branding Story


This case study demonstrates how our SEO services and marketing methodology brought about BRAND clarification, consistency and exposure on a national level.


The Company

Yo Soy I Am, LLC is a national brand that is built around inspiring, engaging and empowering entrepreneurs.  Besides providing leadership and business training, they have worked with brands like Target, Macy’s, AARP, CitiBank, Shell Corp, State Farm, Nielsen, NFL H&R Block and others.


The Challenge

When Yo Soy I Am, LLC came to us they had two websites for separate businesses.  One represented their greeting cards line and the other represented their business services.  Neither of their websites were search engine optimized and therefore had no search presence online.  The business site was outdated and not functioning correctly, to put it mild.


Their brand was scattered online and had no consistency or connectivity.  On top of all this, they wanted their site to show up in the Google search results on a national level.


Yo Soy I Am, LLC had two objectives they wanted us to accomplish.


First, they wanted their brand to be clear and consistent across all channels, online and offline.


Second, they wanted to promote both their services and products online individually, but wanted them connected.


The Solution

The first step was nail down the brand by meeting with owner, Ivette Mayo so that we could understand her vision.  After this, we performed SEO on the greeting cards eCommerce website.  This included preliminary research & assessment, site architecture, on-page optimization, content writing, customer connectivity, and more.  We also built an entirely new fully optimized responsive website for the businesses services.


Next, we jumped in to content development and promotion.  Once this was moving, we built out online channels and launched a link building campaign.  We built out three unique Google business pages, three YouTube channels, rebuilt their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterst pages.  We implemented our proprietary Web 3.0 internet marketing strategies.  Last, we connected all the elements.


The Results

The Yo Soy I Am, LLC team experienced new excitement and energy over their brand.


The brand messaging and look are consistent across all channels, online and offline.


They now appear on the first page of Google organic search results for their key search phrases, on a national level.


Their videos show first on YouTube search results for their key search phrases.


They are being found online by people that want their services or products.


Because there is now connectivity across all channels, traffic to all channels has increased by 532% and website traffic has increased 575%.


Our work has had a direct and dramatic impact on the Yo Soy I Am, LLC brand in just 6 months.



Before hiring Local Marketing Suite, people could only find Yo Soy I Am website and Yo Soy Expressions greeting cards website by typing in the website name.  Now, by taking advantage of Local Marketing Suite expertise in SEO Marketing, people can find me by using my keywords.


This has placed my business higher on search engine pages and other pages and reduced the time it takes people to find me.  I now show nationally on the first page of Google!  That’s money!


Local Marketing Suite also built me a brand new website.  The idea of creating a new website was not something I was looking forward to, but from the very first conversation, I felt that (Ed) took the time to listen to me to gain a clear understanding of what I wanted to accomplish.  I felt comfortable expressing my needs and future goals.  Most importantly, that my branding was replicated on every page online.


Local Marketing Suite made certain they took every opportunity to elevate my product and services.  Local Marketing Suite performed SEO on my existing website, built me another website, built three YouTube channels, did SEO on my videos, built three Google plus pages for my businesses, rebuilt my social sites and then tied everything together.


The #1 factor in which Local Marketing Suite adds value to my business is “BRAND”.  My website and all my online pages now truly reflect that my business is a professional and creative firm looking to leave clients better then I found them.  Don’t hesitate to give Local Marketing Suite the opportunity to help you grow!  It will be time and money well spent!

Ivette Mayo, Owner

Yo Soy I Am, LCC

A Multi-Location Preschool



This case study demonstrates two elements of our suite of services:


1) Demonstrates our ability to create a clear brand for an existing multi-location business.


2) An example of our customer acquisition strategy in bringing a business of two locations with a low enrollment rate to both locations having maximum enrollment with a one year waiting list.


The Company

ELCA Preschools is a privately owned preschool with two locations in San Diego.


The Challenge

When ELCA Preschools came to us they were struggling with filling the enrollment at both locations. They had previously hired a SEO company that made big promises, but failed to provide the customer acquisition ELCA Preschools asked for. Because of this the owner of ELCA Preschools was very skeptical.


The owner made it clear that the bottom line for them was that they needed to at least have their enrollment at three-quarters full.


ELCA Preschools had no first page presence in search results and were competing against the large franchise preschool organizations that had large budgets for their SEO and online marketing.


ELCA Preschools also had problems with their website, because it was an old static site with bad code and they had no clear branding.


The Solution

The first item on the agenda was to demonstrate our SEO skills by acquiring presence on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo natural search results. The reason for this was because this was where they had a lot of doubt. They were not convinced a SEO company could get this done the way they expected it to be done.


Once this was accomplished we were able to move ELCA Preschools forward in the agenda with more confidence.


We were then able to talk about branding and came up with a clear brand. “Early Learners Children’s Academy”, the name they were using, was too long to use practically, so we decided to brand them as ELCA Preschools.


We then built them a brand new multi-location website and designed the site with a Tour Scheduler and a digital Registration Form in order to create a greater click through rate.


Lastly, we implemented our proprietary Web 3.0 multi-location marketing strategies to drive traffic their way and acquire new enrollments.


The Results

Within two months they were showing up on the first page of natural search results in Google, Bing and Yahoo for the top five search phrases.


By three months in they were beating out “all” competitors in their local markets.


By the sixth month in they had reached maximum enrollment in one location and by the seventh month maximum enrollment in the other location.


They now have a one year waiting list in both locations.


The owners of ELCA Preschools plan on expanding by opening more locations and have kept Local Marketing Suite on a monthly retainer to handle all their online marketing needs.


I can’t say enough about how big a difference Local Marketing Suite has made in my business. Before hiring Local Marketing Suite I had quit paying for SEO internet marketing services and was looking for an answer to filling the enrollment in both preschools.


The reason I moved forward with Local Marketing Suite is because I felt comfortable speaking with Ed, the president. He was more down to earth in terms of explaining answers to questions and doubts I had. I liked that everyone at Local Marketing Suite is very professional, courteous and easy to speak with. Their process is very efficient. They communicate a lot, send reports and respond to emails pretty quick. They are so much better a SEO company than the ones we worked with before.


Local Marketing Suite delivered way above my expectations. Honestly, going in I didn’t expect too much and was hoping for a few more leads than what we were getting.


They have had a direct impact on our revenue. Both of our preschools have been at maximum enrollment since after a few months of hiring Local Marketing Suite. I have kept them on board to handle all our online needs.


I’m very happy.

Gerry Armas, Owner

ELCA Preschools

A Franchise Grand Opening


This case study demonstrates two elements of our suite of services:

1) Demonstrates our ability to bring a brand new local franchise store from opening to having a dominating online presence.

2) Demonstrates how we bring about consistent franchise branding across all online channels, while keeping in line with corporate marketing policies.

The Company

Pinot’s Palette is a fast growing nationally recognized franchise in the paint and wine industry with 150 locations.  Pinot’s Palette opened its first San Diego location in August 2014.  This is the store we are referencing in this case study.

The Challenge

When Pinot’s Palette San Diego approached Local Marketing Suite to handle the SEO and online marketing the store was not even open yet, therefore had no online presence.  There were already ten competitors in the area and three of them had very strong online presence and appeared at the top of search results on the first page of Google.  The franchise web page supplied by corporate had no SEO, greatly lacked content and was not mobile friendly.

Pinot’s Palette San Diego had four objectives they wanted us to accomplish.

First, they were a month away from opening and were very much in a hurry to have some online presence for their grand opening.

Second, they wanted us to improve their web page, while staying within the corporate guidelines and working with technical limitations.

Third, they wanted us to build out all of their online elements, including Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Google.

Fourth, they wanted to dominate the paint and wine industry in San Diego and appear first on Google search results.

The Solution

Our first desire was to understand the corporate marketing guidelines and have a real understanding of the Pinot’s Palette brand, along with understanding their web page technical limitations.

We rebuilt their corporate San Diego web page, adding new localized content and visuals, including a video.  We were limited to only being able to perform on page SEO, because access was not given to the corporate website panel.

We also built out all of their online elements, including Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Google, while keeping a consistent brand message and look.  We did a video shoot at a per-launch, edited the video and added it to their webpage all before their grand opening.  Every step was approved by corporate.

We implemented our proprietary Web 3.0 franchise marketing strategies and connected all the online elements.

The Results

Online presence was established within the thirty day deadline of their grand opening.

Analytics showed 225 web page visits from the time the web page was live to the grand opening.

The video on their web page was viewed 51 times.

Their Google Local Business listing was already appearing on the first page of search results for three of their search phrases prior to the grand opening.

The Pinot’s Palette branding was consistent across all channels and had corporate approval.

The owners of Pinot’s Palette San Diego considered this a successful grand opening.

Within three months Pinot’s Palette San Diego was showing “first” in Google search results for five search phrases, beating out their competitors that had established online presence prior to them coming to San Diego.


When we first approached Local Marketing Suite about doing our online marketing we were on a tight schedule with our online marketing plans for our grand opening and pretty much didn’t think we would have any online presence at the time of our grand opening.  We had less the thirty days from the time we hired Local Marketing Suite.

We laid a lot at their feet, including technical and corporate challenges.  I knew we were asking a lot from Local Marketing Suite in such a short period of time, but in our initial meeting, Ed really listened to our desires and concerns and reassured us this was all doable.  We left that meeting with Local Marketing Suite feeling optimistic.  Ed told us “We will handle all the online marketing stuff.  Don’t worry about it.  You just concentrate on the grand opening”.

One of the factors I really appreciate is that Local Marketing Suite kept us continually updated with the work and results they were performing up to our grand opening.

We were really amazed at the work Local Marketing Suite performed and the fact that they did every single thing they said they would do.  We couldn’t believe they had us showing on the first page of Google within thirty days.  The quality of SEO that Local Marketing Suite does is outstanding.  Since the grand opening Local Marketing Suite has done so much more for us, including given us great marketing consultation.

I told Local Marketing Suite my top long term objective that I wanted ASAP was to beat out my competitors online here in San Diego.  Four months later, we were showing on the first page of Google above all our competitors for over fourteen keywords.  We were even showing on the first page of Google when seven of our competitors were searched “by name”!  This was no accident.  Local Marketing Suite laid down a strategy for this.

Local Marketing Suite really understands how to work with franchises. They are very professional and very skilled. I highly recommend them.

Dan Truckenbrod, Owner

Pinot’s Palette

A New Local Business


This case study demonstrates two elements of our suite of services:


1) Demonstrates our ability to assist a new business in developing its brand, including design and business philosophy.


2) Demonstrates how we bring a brand new local business from having no online presence to having a dominating presence.


The Company

LIVESCANZ Live Scan Fingerprinting was recently purchased by a new owner. The prior owner, who had the business for a few years, had not done any marketing, had no brand identity and no business structure.


The Challenge

After three months of being re-opened, LIVESCANZ approached Local Marketing Suite and they had three objectives they wanted us to accomplish.


First, assist them in developing a business philosophy, including vision, mission statement and core values.


Second, assist them in creating brand design.


Third, get customers from online. LIVESCANZ asked us to build them a new website and also build out and manage their online marketing.


The Solution

The first thing we did was set up a brainstorming meeting with LIVESCANZ to come up with their business philosophy. I’m happy to say, it just took one meeting to come up with their business philosophy, vision, mission, core values and slogan.


Their slogan “You don’t have to lift a finger, we’ll do it for you” communicated the mission, which was to make the fingerprinting process as easy as possible for their clients, while tying it into the actual task of fingerprinting. Everyone loved this slogan.


At the same time, we worked to come up with a brand design, including color theme and logo. This led to later designing LIVESCANZ business cards, signs, banners, and other print marketing.


Next, we built LIVESCANZ a brand new responsive, mobile friendly website. We created all original written content and performed SEO on the website.


Lastly, we built out all of their online elements, including social and content pages and added them in over 50 local online business directories/listings.


The Results


The owner feels like LIVESCANZ is a legitimate business, properly established with structure and branding.


Within thirty days LIVESCANZ was showing on the first page in Google search results for three search phrases and within six months for seven search phrases.


After six months they were appearing more times in search results than their competitors.


Analytics revealed LIVESCANZ website had 1,225 new visitors in six months.


Website traffic was coming from over 26 channels.


Revenue increased by 885%.



I cannot express enough what Local Marketing Suite has done for us. When we purchased this business from the previous owner there was no brand, no online presence and very little customers, but we knew the potential was there because of the research we did for the industry and we knew our marketing had to be great, especially online, in order to grow the business.


Local Marketing Suite hit a home run and every single thing they did was spot on. Our brainstorm meeting was fantastic and we learned so much. It was amazing we ended that meeting with a complete brand strategy. The new website they built us, the social pages, the content writing, the branding, it was all beautifully done and so effective.


We started getting calls and walk-ins within one month and three months later we had a steady stream of people that were finding us online. We have added corporate accounts. We have become known in our area and are now receiving numerous referrals. Our new business has multiplied many times over. We owe all this to Local Marketing Suite.

Jacqueline, Owner




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