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What Is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) primarily refers to the technical work of optimizing a website in order for search engines to be able to read it. Search engines can not see a website as humans see it. They read the code the website was written with. If a search engine can’t read a site, it can’t categorize and rank the site.


Search engines have an algorithm (secret algorithm) they use for crawling and evaluating a website or web page along with crawling and evaluating the site’s presence on the internet in order to rank that site.


A SEO specialist must have the knowledge for web development and have the knowledge about search engines. SEO requires an enormous amount of work and skill.


SEO is a broadly-used term and is also miss-used in place of Search Marketing and Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing covers all aspects of marketing on the internet, including; SEO, Search Engine Marketing, (Social Media Marketing), Pay-Per-Click and more.


The number one reason people want a website is to be found online. Without a search engine optimized website that is just not going to happen. Most websites are just a visual shell for people to see, but to search engines they are empty and just get overlooked.


SEO is only one element in internet marketing. Just because you have SEO performed on your website doesn’t mean your site will be ranked on the first page of search results.


We approach website development from both the technical and marketing aspect and as a result both people and search engines prefer our websites.


Our Full Service SEO facilitates page one ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Pricing depends on your type of business, targeted area and your goals.

Our SEO Elements Include

Website Assessment


Industry Research


Competitor Research


Keyword Research


Original Content Development


On-Page Optimization


Website Architecture


Website Hierarchy


Link Building


Localized SEO


Conversion Optimization


Web Analytics & Reporting


Proprietary Web 3.0 Strategies


and more…



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