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Google First Page

We Get You First Page

We guarantee “first page” placement on Google Local Listing (map) for your zip code area for organic local search results or return your money.  This includes search terms of your choosing.


Why Competitors Do Not Offer “First Page” Placement

There are some who are stating nobody can offer “first page” placement guarantee on Google or other search engines.


First, let’s just visit the idea of “no first page placement”.  For a local business, what is the point of marketing online if you are not going to be found on the first page of search results?  Think about how you use the internet.  When you search for a plumber or restaurant, how do you search?


More importantly, when you view the results to your search query, do you ever go to the 2nd page of the search results or do you contact someone on the first page?  Less than 7% of people ever go to the 2nd page of search results.


Second, “first page placement” CAN be accomplished!  That being said, there are two success factors.


One, only the most skilled SEO specialists can do this.


Two, nobody can guarantee “everyone” first page placement, because there are a limited amount of first page results.  So, no SEO company (even Google) can offer first page placement to EVERYONE.


First Page Placement Guidelines


Because we do not use long term-contracts, we only ask that you give us the suggested time frame to perform what we promise.


If after we have completed your FREE 9 Point Marketing Assessment we believe that we can not deliver on our promise of “first page” placement on Google, we will make this clear to you before you hire us.


There are other forms of online marketing that we perform other than search engine marketing.


What We Do Not Guarantee

We do not guarantee Ranking.  That is, we cannot determine where you will show on the first page of search results.


We do not guarantee first page placement using “black hat” SEO.  We only practice “white hat” SEO.


We do not guarantee first page based on “paid advertisement”.  We are referring to organic search results.

Google Maps Marketing

We are experts in Local Marketing and Local SEO.

Local marketing is a must for businesses that want more customers and Google local marketing is the most important of all.

Nearly All Consumers (97%) Now Use Online Media to Shop Locally.

BIA/Kelsey Group and ConStat)2010

The Social, Local and Mobile (SoLoMo) revolution – fueled particularly by the rapid adoption of smartphone mobile devices and tablets – now dominates the search landscape.  As consumers rapidly adopt new devices and new methods to access local business information, online local listings have become the most relevant and trusted search results.

Annual ComScore Local Search Usage Study 2012.


There is not a more effective way to reach local consumers than to have your Google Business Listing showing on the “first page” of Google Maps /Google Local Listings.


Google has around 98% of the mobile search traffic!


The #1 listing to be on for maximum exposure is Google Maps.


You may have hundreds or thousands of searches taking place a month for your exact services and to have your business listing showing on “page one” is vital.

Google Maps Marketing

We will completely build out your local business listing in Google.


We will add photos, videos and written content to your listing.


We will create links to your other online platforms.


We will perform local SEO on your business listings.


We will get your business showing on the “first page” search results of Google Business Listing (map).


We will get your business on the “first page” of Google on mobile search results (Mobile website required).


We will get your business showing at least two times on the “first page” search results of Google for your zip code.  Website SEO required.


We will also get your business showing on “page one” search results of the Big 3 – Google, Bing and Yahoo.



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